New album SCRIPT is OUT NOW
on OIGOVISIONES  in a special limited edition of 50 pieces!

Format: CDr/Digital
Release Date: April 9th 2021
Ltd. Edition: 50 copies 
Composed & produced by Max Würden
Label Curated Edition by Pepo Galán/ El Muelle Records
Mastered by Rubén Suárez
Desing by GranBengala:
DIY cut diptych on 250gr Keaykolour Particles Artico paper
Inlay on 240gr Purple Popset cardboard
Printed transparency film
Black paper bag for Cd
PE protective sleeve with OV sticker
Hand-cutted & hand-assembled

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Format draws from its Latin origin: “formatus”, meaning “to be formed”. Over two years, Germany’s Max Würden produced a variety of tracks using completely different approaches. It wasn’t until they were placed together in unison that the strengths from the variety of productions came together. 

Max’s studio recordings lined up alongside live performances; field recordings of foot-steps and sounds from deep forests amongst broken leaves and custom synthesizers; processed guitar-loops weave amongst soaring ambient pads and energetic driving analog pulses segue classic 90’s ambient depicting the very furthest reaches of space. Max’s abstract impressions were weaved together and Format was born.

The result captures the very best of Max’s multi-disciplinary techniques we’ve come to admire throughout his many productions and collaborations over the years with the likes of Thore Pfeiffer and his releases on Kompakt’s Pop Ambient series. 

Format can be enjoyed as individual tracks, one mixed journey (digital) or as unique mixed-edits for vinyl. Featuring artwork by Noah M / Keep Adding, who unfolds the track’s unique individual elements from the front into one expansive inside gatefold. Mastered by Rafael Anton Irisarri @ Black Knoll Studio and pressed on opaque purple vinyl, 500 copies worldwide. 


Release date: June 10th 2019 on A STRANGELY ISOLATED PLACE

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In the mid 90s, while playing in bands, Max Würden started to record ideas on 4-track tapes. Amongst other instruments the guitar was his favourite. Since then the guitar is a steady constant during his sound production. Predominantly he utilizes the intrument in experimental ways: he sticks screws and metal pieces between the strings or let’s marbles run down the guitar neck, triggering a feedback, which becomes the foundation of a track.
On his album MOMENTUM he went beyond the guitar, but he placed the intrument into focus of the production.
Max creates energyladen and experimental ambient music that always aims for what genre listeners looking for: the ultimate relaxation moment.
The tracks are carried by slowly building string-generated sounds. Live recordings and complex arrangements find a delicate symbiosis of ambient and strings.
released March 23, 2018 on

Produced and mixed by Max Würden
Design by Finna Leibenguth /
Mastering by Südblock Studios
P & C 2018 El Muelle Records